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In this blog aI will write both in English and in Norwegian. Norwegian is my native language. As of August 3rd 2019 aI started labelling my posts in Norwegian Norsk, and aI started using labels. The labels are listed at the bottom of the blog.

This is a Blogger Blog which originally was called Fixprixnix, and which aI initially made to be presented on Magnimix, which is a Google Site, in an iFrame. So the blog is hosted by Blogger, though was also shown on a page on Magnimix, which once was the habitation of Trixnix. Magnimix was shut down, not by me, though effectuated by me, after the site was manipulated upon. After that, the blog has been heart on Trixnixmix, that is, also here presented in an iFrame.

Here I express how aI feel, and what occupies me, without making a formal consideration of it. More formal considerations aI post on Blog Trixnix and Blogg Prixnix.

If you have come to this site without knowing about Trixnix, please know Trixnix is the New Jerusalem, established by me on internet, God given. Please find the Trixnix portal here:

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And if you are on, seeing the blog in that iFrame, it is more convenient, you know, to go to Trixnix in a new window, clicking the link in the iFrame. Press | ctrl | as you click the link above.

The New Jerusalem